Food is Art

In 2012 at 3 / r Serragli road, in the heart of the Florentine Oltrarno, Cuculia was born, an elegant and refined restaurant with an international flair. Within a relaxed and comfortable setting , the high professionalism of the chef and the haute cuisine accompany the guest in a culinary experience where it is possible to perceive from the first taste the love for cooking, goodness and freshness of raw materials, as well as the beauty of the compositions given by the search for detail.

Taste and Art on the plate

Chef Oliver Betancourt offers gourmet dishes of contemporary cuisine that amaze in every detail, following the rhythm of the seasons. His cuisine has got South American and Caribbean roots with a strong French influence, contaminations that look to Spain and rich in all the delicacies of the Italian interregional gastronomic tradition.

Colour your evening

Eating at the cuculia is equivalent to traveling around the world from the comfort of a delicious restaurant in the center of the wonderful city of Florence.