Your Dining experience



Avocado roll with octopus marinated in ceviche, orange sauce in two consistencies 15-
Cream of celeriac, confit lemon and rosemary 12-
Beef tartare, salted plums, oxalis, and caper leaves 14-
Cuttlesh curls, black mussel emulsion and sea lettuce 15-
Terrine of foie gras, red onion puree, walnuts and white Prato vermouth 16-

First course

Fresh pasta tagliolino, hazelnut butter, Sicilian red prawns, black lime powder 18-
Tortelli stuffed with rabbit with its demi glace, black olive, fermented plum, black cabbage extract 16-
Risotto with castelmagno, infusion of sage and raspberries
Ravioli of chestnut flour, pear, leek and goat ricotta 15-

Second course

Homemade seitan tempura with pomegranate reduction 20-
Turbot fish, seasonal mushrooms, hazelnut crumble 26-
Marinated pork fillet with its belly, Mantuan pumpkin puree 24-
Rack of lamb, our kefir, charcoal aubergines 26-


Fondant chocolate mousse with dulce de leche 8 –
Mandarin Bavarois with vin santo caviar 8 –
Raspberry buttons with berry sauce and candy cotton 8 –