Testing Menu Alchemy
Chef freehand creations
6 portate – 85 €
8 portate – 105 €

A dive into contemporary cuisine with unpublished dishes by chefOliver Betancourt
to discover culinary contaminations and innovation in the kitchen

Menu à la carte



Avocado roll with octopus marinated in ceviche, orange sauce in two consistencies
Savoy cabbage roll with semi-cooked vegetables, soy sprouts and kombu seaweed broth
Beef tartare, umeboshi, caper leaves, nasturtium leaves, lardo from Colonnata
Grilled tongue with lamb garum, raspberry and lentil sauce
Smoked croaker fish in purple shiso leaf, kombucha mayonnaise

First Course

Tagliolini with bitter cocoa, nduja honey, prawn tartare
Tortelli stffued with rabbit cacciatore, yeast sauce, carrot cream and ginger
Organic carnaroli risotto, beetroot extract, our kefir, fermented lemon
Rulers stuffed with pumpkin, pecorino cheese fondue from Val d’Orcia, fermented blueberries and broccoli

Second course

Homemade seitan with coconut milk, curry and coriander
Low temperature monkfish with porcini mushrooms and chestnuts
Beef sirloin with chimichurri and with sweet potato gratin
Duck in chianti and tamarind sauce, pak-choi, hazelnuts and black cabbage extract
Cheese selection gourmet with blue cheese honey and
blueberries, sheep cheese beetroot and wodka, Caribbean
fresh cheese cacao and rum, seasoned goat cheese


Fondant chocolate mousse, pear cream, dulce de leche
Grilled spiced corn bread, semi-candied pumpkin and salted caramel ice cream
Raspberry buttons, berry sauce and candy cotton