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Dinner Menu

Gazpacho of tomato and strawberries with diced fresh vegetables 12 €
Avocado roll with octopus ceviche marinated and orange sauce 15 €
Quinoa cubes with peas and mint, Sardinian pecorino fondue and mango 13 €
Beef carpaccio with parmesan, rocket and vinegar caviar balsamic 14 €
Squid tartare with “leche de tigre” with caper panuria e parsley 16 €
First course
Fresh pasta tagliolino, butter, Sicilian red prawns, black lime 18€
Tortelli stuffed with pork in Thai-style tomato sauce and mushrooms shiitake 15 €
Organic carnaroli risotto with homemade kefir and lemon puree 14 €
Basil gnocchi with pine nuts, black olives, mousse di ricotta cheese, fermented tomato
14 €
Second course
Home-made seitan with nori, seaweed, raw vegetables 19 €
Quail in oriental sauce with steamed beets, orange and cashews 22 €
Beef cooked at low temperature, eggplant tartare, tamarind and chianti sauce 26 €
Semi-seared amberjack, salted cherries, coconut milk with spring onion oil 26 €
Fondant chocolate mousse with dulce de leche8 €
Mandarin Bavarois with vin santo caviar 8 €
Raspberry buttons with berry sauce 8 €