Spring Testing Menu
Chef freehand creations
5 portate – 90 €
7portate – 110 €

A dive into contemporary cuisine with unpublished dishes by chef Oliver Betancourt
to discover culinary contaminations and innovation in the kitchen

            Our tasting menu can also be served in a vegetarian and vegan version, with many original and tasty proposals

Menu à la carte


Avocado roll with octopus marinated in ceviche, orangesauce in two consistencies
Roasted daikon root, mushroom broth, seaweed and vegetables
Beef tartare, lard from “colonnata”, umeboshi and caper leaves
Egg 65 degrees, cauliower in bread crust, cauliower crudité and bacon
Fermented red cabbage, its sauce, green apple, olive wood smoking

First Course

Sardinian “fregola” pasta with chicken strips, ginger, chilli milk and Sardinian pecorino
White dough parcels filled with fermented Chinese cabbage, medlars, yellow tomato coulis, cashews
Organic carnaroli risotto, white lemon and asparagus
Fresh pasta tagliolini, marinated prawns, prawn bisque, lime powder, noisette
Candy shaped pasta
filled with Genoese pork ragu, plums, corn, spinach sauce.

Second course

Seitan surprise, vegetable caponata, red beetroot
Grouper fillet, our kefir, aubergine tartare, sauteed spinach
Beef fillet in pistachio crust, Chianti sauce, seasonal mushrooms
Pork and its belly, sweet potato terrine
Cheese selection gourmet: tobacco blue cheese, strafico, pecorino with black true, pecorino di cave


Fondant chocolate mousse, pear cream, dulce de leche
Grilled spiced corn bread, semi-candied pumpkin and salted caramel ice cream
Raspberry buttons, berry sauce and candy cotton