Contemporary freehand tasting menu 
by the chef with wine combination

Tuscan tasting menu
and tuscan wine combination

Menu à la carte


Avocado roll with octopus marinated in ceviche, orange sauce in two consistencies 15
Cream of Jerusalem artichoke, shio koji, dry mother yeast  13
Beef tartare, umeboshi, caper leaves, beetrots  14
Artichoke sunflower, prawn tartare, mint and pearls of ginger 16
Tongue marinated with buttermilk, anchovy sauce and smoked peppers  15

First course

Fresh pasta tagliolino, with onion absolute, goat cheese 15
Tortelli stuffed with creamed codfish, beurre blanc and bacon 17
Risotto with castelmagno, infusion of sage and raspberries 
Plin stuffed with beef tail, smoked herring sauce, celery  17

Second course

Homemade  seitan with citrus fruits, confit fennel 22
Turbot fish, chard, cauliflower, hazelnut crumble 28
Marinated pork fillet with its belly, Mantuan pumpkin puree  26
Rack of lamb, our kefir, charcoal aubergines  28
Cheese plate menu, gourmet selection with blue bear, beetrootDosto and french wodka, carribean cheese with chocolate and rom, seasoned goat gianduiotto  20


Fondant chocolate mousse, pear cream, dulce de leche 9
Grilled spiced corn bread, semi-candied pumpkin and salted caramel ice cream 9
Raspberry buttons, berry sauce and candy cotton