Taste and Art on the plate

Each dish tells a story and the soul vibrates according to the pleasures of taste. Chef Oliver Betancourt offers gourmet dishes of contemporary cuisine that amaze in every detail, following the rhythm of the seasons.
His cuisine has got South American and Caribbean roots with a strong French influence, contaminations that look to Spain and rich in all the delicacies of the Italian interregional gastronomic tradition.
A wealth of international knowledge of such extent allows chef Oliver Betancourt to create his recipes and offer them to the rhythm of the seasons and his brilliant creative impulse.
The kitchen makes ideas edible, just as art makes the invisible visible and tangible. Art is emotion and the chef knows this very well because he transforms a simple product that we find in nature in order to arouse an emotion. First of all the idea of a dish is born starting from the choice of the product, then its realization in order of flavours, colors and composition.

Raw materials become colors, the plate a palette where you can give a creative impulse. Each dish gives back a sensation of beauty and chromatic balance and on tasting the eyes narrow to enjoy all the nuances of flavours, each distinct from the other, which follow one another on the palate in a pure synaesthesia of the senses. Oliver’s dishes are an explosion of flavours and colors that leave an indelible trace in the memory of those who live the experience. The freshness of the food, the quality of the products and their seasonality are never lost sight of but in addition to the perfection of cooking and the delicacy of the flavours, it leaves room for the curiosity and emotional sphere of those who taste them.
To understand the most intimate origin of each dish, in the dining room, Roberta Del Prete with a firm voice and calm tone describes its details and through the narrative the immersive experience in contemporary cuisine begins.